Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Spring Task/Mission Girls!

Hi Girls!
Here's a new task/mission to try out, all because I want some help. Task is to picture yourself at some point each day for the next week or so and post it and talk about what you're wearing, why you are wearing it etc. Mission is to see how you really look each day, step out of a "usual dressing" rutt like myself. We'll critique what we think of eachother in all honesty, I swear be honest about me at least! I want hair help, accessory help, make up help and suggestions, anything that you think of. Ill post looks I would love to try too or things I think would be great on each of you too! It will be fun yet helpful I think too.... What do you say???? (Yesterday I did a post about what I wore Weds. and I did not like what I saw in the camera, which is what gave me this idea... So I pictured myself today too - totally not self admiration, just task/mission to attend to)

What I started in...

Cardigan - Limited
Tank - Khols
Jeans - Anthropolgy J Brand
Boots - Macy's

Tried to style my hair, give it more volume... but its still so drab. I asked Genn, who you can find through my other blog as to how a good way to get some oomph and style... Think I just need some new product, maybe a cut too. (BTW, you would love Genn's brother's music)

 Just thought this picture below was freaky hahahhaha...

Then came the cobeman....

Who is much cuter to photgraph....


Phineaus in the boot...

Here is what I ended in after hearing it may rain/snow today, yuck!
Cap - Jill's
Scarf - H&M
Black Knit UGGS - Nordstums

Here is something I would've loved to wear today.... which I probably could have minus the bag.

Things I could wear if I didnt live in the NE!

I love Nicole Richie today BTW!

One last food for thought, my mom decided to tell me that she heard the rain coming through the NE is suspected to carry some of the radiation from Japan... True , not True, My moms quirky findings, but hey use an UMBRELLA if it rains!!!!! and God Bless Japan :(

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Fab 5 Of American Idol

This season of American Idol could very well be the best season ever! Here's the breakdown of my Fab 5:
James is beyond Phenomenal
Pia is sensational
Paul is Ridiculously Amazing
Casey is Incredible
Scotty is so Fun and Youthful

In all honesty, I don't see what the judges see in Jacob. He does nothing for me. I like Lauren, but I'm not sure she has it to win. Thia is adorable and sweet. The rest I have no comment about because they do nothing for me! Who's your Fab 5 of American Idol?????

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Really interesting article on diamonds!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Morning Delight to Sh!t

What a day so far! We had a leprechaun visit and make a tower in our house this morning...

obviously poor quality photo, i have better ones on my camera not downloaded yet

Jacoby woke up and I went to get him and had him look over the balcony and he goes... "mommy, was dat?" I say: a leprechaun was here! He says: A lep - chaun build a taw - urr? I say: yes Jacoby yes he did, lets go wake up cammi and tell her!

He then proceeds to run in her room stuttering a lepachaun here cammi! Cam refuses to get out of bed and is now yelling my ears my ears! (apparently Jacoby's wake up call didnt go over well) She eventually gets up, we go down stairs and they pull the stools over and sit and stare at the "taw-urr" (tower) in aww and keep pointing at new discoveries they see on it, like Phineas, the bananas etc.

Everything was going, got them dressed, fed and all ready to go on time for once... I was very proud and they got to enjoy a st. patty's morning.  Then I get in the car... its on E instantly so I had to the nearest gas station, full service sunoco looked good. I say please just put 30 because i was in a rush and wanted to make sure cam got to school on time. The gas is pumpling the lady comes out and says, im sorry but I ran the card 2x and its not going through. SH!T I panic!

Like huh, I know theres money in there, like those stupid deadbeat people. I have no other means of payment on me at the time, what do I do!!!!
I call Z, no answer, no text answer also...
The kids are fine and dandy though...

After Cam's drop off, i check the computer at my mom's and find a huge debit. Freak out, check it still have no idea, call the bank, still no idea blablabla. Finally a few hours later Z decided to call me back! He did it, and just hadn't got to transfering the $ this morning but it was on his agenda! You know what I said, sitting at a gas station trying to figure out how to pay for my already pumped gas WAS NOT on my agenda this morning Thanks! Grr.

Happy ST PATTY'S Day Girls

Top O' The Morning To Ya My Little Lassies

My little Leprechaun (Molly) is talking up a storm and taking lotsa steps! Where does the time go? Kristyn, I'm sure you ask yourself that question every day! Nancy and Laura, cherish those baby moments with your little lads, because the first year flies by too fast! Jillian, my dear -- your mommy days are soon to come. My gut tells me sooner than later....Hmmm is my intuition onto something???? After my no weightloss meltdown yesterday, I had an epiphany! In honor of the song we heard at our, what was it junior prom....This is the time to remember, these are the days to hold on to! Let's embrace our 30's and make this the best decade ever! Laura and I are soon to follow your lead! Love ya ladies and Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

American Idol

I love american idol!!! I have so many favorites!

Ashton and Haley I think are next to go

What Gives????

It's very frustrating when you try and try.....and don't succeed! I think I'm past the point of saying, "I need to lose my baby weight." Considering my daughter is 15 months old, I can't really call it "baby weight" any more! Having said that, it's very discouraging when you eat healthy and exercise....and don't see the results! C'mon ladies, I need some motivation to keep me going! Anyone up for walking? Not today,'s raining out! Happy Wednesday to all! ~Kelli

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hello Blog World!

Wow my first ever post! Tons of fun! Krissy I'm glad that you said that you like Phish in your description of yourself! I got tickets to Mansfield and Bethel!! Psyched!! PS how do you put pictures on this silly thing!!

Whats for Dinner???

Z first brought home a winning ticket for the MassMillions tonight! Obviously all will benifit if we win, because Im just that giving ; D

Here was my dinner tonight which was fantastic! Who knew a grilled Ham and Swiss would hit the spot. The rest in honor of St Patty's Day gathered for some Corned Beef and SaurerKraut (spelt incorrect b/c I do not care)

Lastly, as usual Bomps ended the dinner proceedings with one of his famous gasious surprises, Completely unnecessary! Will he ever learn, look a Cobes poor face... and Camryn went running away yelling "Bompa smalls!"

Just a typical night for us Mekal's, not getting home on time for the kids to be in bed at 8 pm, but we still have a half hour for bath, dressing, teeth brushing, stories and chasing and bribing them into to be.....

Can it be done!!!!???

Good night Y'all!
Krissy *

Get the feel Get used to it

When you have assumed your rolls here, comment. Hows the design, any other idea??? My first is for Laura to create our "button". And I am trying to find out how to create multiple pages so we can have other tabs too??? Kelli any idea on that one???