Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Spring Task/Mission Girls!

Hi Girls!
Here's a new task/mission to try out, all because I want some help. Task is to picture yourself at some point each day for the next week or so and post it and talk about what you're wearing, why you are wearing it etc. Mission is to see how you really look each day, step out of a "usual dressing" rutt like myself. We'll critique what we think of eachother in all honesty, I swear be honest about me at least! I want hair help, accessory help, make up help and suggestions, anything that you think of. Ill post looks I would love to try too or things I think would be great on each of you too! It will be fun yet helpful I think too.... What do you say???? (Yesterday I did a post about what I wore Weds. and I did not like what I saw in the camera, which is what gave me this idea... So I pictured myself today too - totally not self admiration, just task/mission to attend to)

What I started in...

Cardigan - Limited
Tank - Khols
Jeans - Anthropolgy J Brand
Boots - Macy's

Tried to style my hair, give it more volume... but its still so drab. I asked Genn, who you can find through my other blog as to how a good way to get some oomph and style... Think I just need some new product, maybe a cut too. (BTW, you would love Genn's brother's music)

 Just thought this picture below was freaky hahahhaha...

Then came the cobeman....

Who is much cuter to photgraph....


Phineaus in the boot...

Here is what I ended in after hearing it may rain/snow today, yuck!
Cap - Jill's
Scarf - H&M
Black Knit UGGS - Nordstums

Here is something I would've loved to wear today.... which I probably could have minus the bag.

Things I could wear if I didnt live in the NE!

I love Nicole Richie today BTW!

One last food for thought, my mom decided to tell me that she heard the rain coming through the NE is suspected to carry some of the radiation from Japan... True , not True, My moms quirky findings, but hey use an UMBRELLA if it rains!!!!! and God Bless Japan :(


Kelli said...

Ok, for starters...I'm a big fan of Nicole Ritchie and her style and if I were as tiny as you and her, I'd dress like her too! Love the colorful dress. Could totally see you in it! Your original outfit was very cute and casual! The second outfit (or added items) were very fun and trendy and perfect for the big so-called storm that's coming. Although, I strongly feel that this is a big April Fool's prank that all the weather channels are playing!

As for your hair, I personally think you would look very cute with a short, layered look. I can picture you with hair just above your shoulders and some fun layers. Then you're sure to get volume!

As for me, I am in much need of a makeover! It wouldn't be worth it for me to post a pic, because I wear scrubs Monday-Friday and Saturdays and Sundays I dress very casual. I enjoy getting dressed up, but that doesn't happen often enough.

PS Cobeman is so friggin cute!

Krissy said...

Thanks Kel! I keep talking about cutting my hair and zack keeps shunning me from it. I guess he likes the long hair, since this is the longest its been in ages.

As for you, you def need to post a picture, even if it is scrubs one day then another day play around when you get home of something you would like to wear even tho you have no where to wear it :P And this is the whole point, saturday and sundays you say you dress very casual... casual in how? show us? we need to see it lol!!!! I want to get out of my mommy yoga pant wearing and plain long sleeve cotton tees!

Kelli said...

You've seen me on the weekends! I have a few different pairs of Adidas-type pants and sweatshirts...and that pretty much sums up my weekends! How boring! Once I lose my "post-baby" weight, I will have more motivation to dress fun and trendy!

I think you should definitely do short layers! Zack will love it when he sees it!

Krissy said...

This will give you incentive! get out of stupid adidas pants on the weekends, totally unnecessary! Completely why Im starting this, and you'll love me when you get out of the rutt! Each day post what you wore and then post what you wish you were wearing... Maybe we can shopping one day and post our findings :)

Kelli said...

Hahaha! I'm working on it my dear! I don't wanna buy clothes at this size, though because I don't wanna stay this size!

Krissy said...

not a good way of thinking!

Laura said...

Ok I will do this but at the time i leave in the morning the picture will either be underexposed because it is that early or I will look 1/2 dead! haha.. maybe I will post my after work pictures and we will just have to disreguard the "all day" hair!... i'll start tomorrow! :)

Krissy said...

Thats how mine are too! Awesome, Jill???? And is Nanc ever going to join!!!

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