Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday Refresher

Maybe y'all didn't get the idea... or I am guessing you're all in comfy pants and t-shirts today! (I am in comfy pants now, but I even made an attempt to wear shoes out with heals on them which I never do anymore) I am a flat queen - in more ways than one I should say too. 1 being flat hair - so I neeeeeeddd this stuff to get some uuumphh.

2 - Think I am the flattest of the Fab 5 speaking - that flat would need a push up once in awhile I guess

and 3 - is the obvious FLAT shoes, love FLAT shoes!

But I woreeeee heals today! Boots, but with heals.

Boots - Macy's
Jeans - Nordstrums 'Mek's'
Tank - Banana Repub
White Cotton Cardi - Lands End
Belt - we'll say vintage since it was mom's when I was like 4
Hair - you saw it, Bed Head!

Yesterday though, the weather was much less desirable to get dressed....

Blue Sweater (in honor of Autism awareness Friday) - Target
Hunter Wellies - Again
Skinny jeans - White House Black Market
And.... FLAT Hair

So its back!
Oh and Necklace for a little dress me up - since im trying to be a lil' less Casual...

Here's what I wore before I remembered Katie, the special Ed specialist she is, reminded me of Autism Awareness Friday, even though I figured the down town clients i'd be dealing with really wouldn't be aware I felt deamed :)

Thankfully I changed too, because after looking at this picture below, I dont like it at all!

 So then I was on my way to work finally, after my mom came to watch the kids, because they were sick and she ordered me to stay until 10 am so I could help her order her, her Reba tix (laugh)!

thought you would all love to see what time I went to work and left at 4pm... and had to pick up a dunk-a-chino, it had been awhile

And anyone who can desipher what this goo has been stuck in my car for months and why it hasnt been cleaned is beyond me, wins a free coffee on me :)


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