Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Challenge

It's Sunday night, Amazing Race just finished and I'm reflecting on a day in which my son was celebrated by my amazing family and our closest friends.

It was an absolutely perfect day and we couldn't have asked for more!

You should have saw the way it started!..haha... (as I laugh to myself). Getting out of the house these days is no easy feat but by far the funniest today was my husband getting ready.

We get dressed up here and there to go out but he does not wear a tie on a daily basis what so ever. He always manages but today he wanted his tie to be perfect and they usually end up looking something like this:

Needless to say, this look wasn't going to cut it today. So while I was getting Keaton dressed and ready to go (actual pictures to come at a later time) He Youtubed "How to tie a windsor knot" and just kept getting fustrated because no matter how closely he followed, the tie still looked like this:

(I'm sure you get the picture) So I think my new challenge to myself is to learn how to perfectly tie a tie so I can do it for him!

What is your new challenge this week?


Krissy said...

to find my keys!!! We're stranded at home today and im suppose work! I can't remember where I might have left them on Friday when I last had them ahhhhhhhhh

Kelli said...

That's what a drunken night will do to

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