Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I am THAT person..

That person who says they are going to blog and then something else comes up... like work, or house work, or the baby, or zumba, or or or I dunno, life in general I guess!

I did work on Krissy's challenge though. I started on a saturday because it was easier and have done it since.. Can I tell you that 1.) I hate self portraits 2.) 3 months after having a baby and I'm a frump 3.) I hate self portraits

But GREAT challenge Krissy.. Now I can really see what I look like before I leave the house (not that I have time to change but it's ok). I am more aware now and will maybe put better outfits together from the get-go.

So without further ado... let's get this embarrassing show on the road:

(all pictures were taken with a camera phone in awful light - plesae excuse the under exposure)


Saturday was a day filled with errands and a much needed pedicure. I wanted to wear my skinny jeans but I knew that skinny jeans and a pedicure wouldn't fly because then I would never get the leg massage I oh so needed.

Here is what I looked like

Scarf - Old Navy

Navy Blue T - Gap

Sweater - The Loft

Jeans - Gap long and lean (which make me look neither)

Hair just pulled back blah....

My favorite accessiores for a Saturday (not pictured)

my oversized sunglasses - Banana Republic

A Dunkin Donuts coffee


Sunday was a day that was filled with some errands and a family walk and nap!

White T - Gap

Blue wrap - Banana Republic

Skinny Jeans - Old Navy

Tiffany bracelet

Ugg boots

FLAT hair (notice a trend?)

Monday = WORK.... I have been back to work for 4 weeks now and our new schedule means that I have to pick out an outfit the night before or else all hell breaks loose... We are all late or I break down crying because something doesn't fit.. so here goes

Black Cardigan - Express

Embilshed tank - Forever 21

Black Pants - Banana Republic

Tiffany's bracelet

FLAT hair (bangs pulled back - I'm growing them out again)


Ah my late night at work.. work until 6pm get home at 7pm.. :(

White button down - NY and Co

Navy Blue Cardi - JCrew

Khakis - Gap

Chunky silver neckalce - Express

FLAT hair

We will be continuing this for the rest of the week but I can't promise that it will get much better! haha.. I think the zumba classes need to be stepped up and then a shopping spree is in order...

Plus, isn't he much more fun to dress now?!




Krissy said...

awesome! I love the skull hat on Keat! Plus you are a "fantabulous" accessorizor! Also why are you growing out the bangs??? I love them. Isnt it amazing what you see after seeing yourself pictured later - its also helped me wear some other stuff I dont wear because I figure if im picturing myself I dont want to picture the same outfit over and over again, which is a good possibility!

Good thing for that auto save, b/c I was looking forward to this!

Kelli said...

Love the outfits Laura! Very fun! You need to give yourself more credit! You look amazing for having "Keat as Molly calls him" only 4 months ago!

Michele said...

What an adorable cutie pie in the last photo! That photo just made me smile. I think you look great and all of your witty comments made me laugh, too. I also have to pick out my outfits the night before work or it's a bad scene in my house in the morning. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Nice to "meet" you!

Momma of The B.M.C. Report said...

Loving all your outfits! I always try to pick out my outfits the night before :)
Love your style!!

Alely said...

glad you were able to get dressed and out of the house! love the outfits!

thanks for happy to meet you!

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