Thursday, April 21, 2011

To tube or not to tube....

I always knew that Mamahood would be a big responsibility, but I didn't realize all the stresses and worries that would go with it. I am battling a decision that seems like a no-brainer!

My sweet little girl has been dealing with ear infection upon ear infection since September. The current one has been since late March and did not want to go away. After 3 cycles of different antibiotics, she is finally starting to get better. I learned yesterday during her hearing test that she cannot hear. It saddened me to see her head turn the opposite way of the noise. Then at the test that checks the response to the eardrum, I learned that her ears are so filled with fluid that the eardrum is not responding either....You can imagine how much I wanted to cry when I saw that my 16 month old can't hear well, and I have no idea for how long.

After seeing the doctor, I am more confused than ever. He admitted that her hearing level is very low and she has lots of fluid...BUT he said that the decision goes either way. He could do the surgery and it will probably do wonders, but it could also possibly go away on its own. His suggestion was to give it a little more time and see. He said that if I choose to go forward with the surgery, he is all for it. He confessed that I live with her and see what she has gone through, so it's up to me. I reluctantly agreed to wait a bit, but I haven't sat still about this since. My gut strongly tells me that it will help her immensely. My feeling is that she has been going for possibly months without hearing, why torture her and keep it up. But, there's also the conservative side of me that is scared of putting my baby under anesthesia. Everyone I talk to that knows her history, thinks we should go for it. I'm torn.....Do I stand up for her as her mother and take the plunge or go the conservative route and wait a little while????


Krissy said...

I say get it done and over with. I have to do the same for jacoby for his teeth and we were suppose to do it in Feb then put it off hoping not to have it done but i was so worried and felt bad for him all the time I scheduled it again - Just do it - its so hard when they can't really tell you.

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